The vacation house

rental industry

The vacation house rental industry has had an incredible growth in the past 5 years. More and more homeowners have seen the advantage of generating income from their second homes or even rooms in their primary residence. What has been missing is from this boom industry is assistance in getting the most for the rental property because of lack of marketing, decorating or presenting the property to achieve reviews of 5 stars.



We are three professionals who have combined 30 years of experience in property management, real estate, and design. We started our company –VR Assist—to provide a way to get the most out of your rental property. We responded to the need from the short term rental market and property management companies to help their clients achieve the best ratings, and thus, the best income return from their rental. We are ready to help you.

We help set up your Property as a

Vacation Rental

Sandra Atwood

Rental Consultant

Sandy has been in the vacation rental management business since 2008 when she put her first house in the vacation pool—her own in Sonoma! Since that time, her portfolio of clients now includes over 35 properties that she personally manages as well as over 100 properties that she has set up for owners to manage themselves. Her focus has been primarily in Napa and Sonoma and San Francisco, but some projects have taken her to coastal communities as well.

Her experience ranges from staging guest rooms in private residences to 8-bedroom homes. Her goal is to either enhance the owner’s furnishings to increase the value of the rental or if needed furnishing a completely empty space. Where necessary, she can work with a budget plan for improvements or acquisition of additional furnishings.

Sandy has proven that she has the ability to enhance properties to achieve 5-star ratings and obtain maximum number of rental days.

Sheryl Ruth

Design Consultant

Sheryl is a bay area native with 30 years of combined experience in advertising & marketing, residential real estate sales, appraisals, staging and interior design. She has helped stage over 30 homes and been instrumental in sourcing viable vacation rental homes for clients and staging over 20 vacation rental properties in the bay area.

Janet Treseder

Design Consultant

Janet Treseder. principal in The Paris Group design firm, started her career in Paris. France in the 1990’s. Beginning with understanding the French antique market and the contemporary trends in French design, Janet helped American clients with acquiring items for their U.S. residences as well as renovating and decorating vacation residences in France for these clients. Returning to the U.S. in 2006, she took up residence in San Francisco and continued design projects in France as well as vacation homes around the U.S. in Hawaii, Colorado, Florida and the Bay Area. Some of her recent projects can be viewed at her website,