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The best way to promote your property other than publishing it on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO is to stage it. Staging a property requires a lot of efficient planning and strategy which could deliver a good first impression. And it’s not that you have to live up to very demanding expectations! Usually, it’s observed that renters are looking for the home-like comfort and accessibility in a vacation rental.

At VR Assist, we strive to provide premium rental property staging services. And we’ll streamline a few helpful tips that will help you staging your property effectively.

Keep it Simple. Don’t Overcapitalize!

Little things done the right way can have a huge impact on the prospects of your rental. Don’t go overboard with renovations and corrections― keep it simple! You should plan ahead of listing up your property online on rental companies like Airbnb. Plan a budget and follow it strictly.

Plan a Budget

Stick to a budget! Plan renovations that are simple and easy on the pocket. For example, add more lights like bedside lamps and overhead lighting. Make good use of mirrors since they give the illusion of more space. Lights and mirrors add in more glamour! Use indoor potted plants, or place succulents over empty surfaces and shelves.

Know Your Audience

It’s very important to know your audience before staging or hosting your rental. Make sure you do your research thoroughly before spending the money. After all, you’re putting up your property for the people out there who would bring in the revenue for you! If your area attracts families or older couples, you’d want to make sure your rental is accommodating for them respectively. If the audience is from the corporate sector then you would want to focus on staging it as an office. Your place should have a good strong Wi-Fi connection all the time!

To-do Checklist

Make sure the house is perfectly clean and hospitable for your visitors! Of course you don’t have to maintain the level of perfection that hotels do. But ill accommodating rentals are not very promising. Make sure the plumbing and the gutters are in good condition. Smoke alarms and vents should be in good running. The bathrooms and the kitchen should be in a good shape at all costs! Keep in the needful utensils and electronics in the kitchen. While the linens and towels used should always be clean and crisp!

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